Use of controllers

  • Traction elevators
  • Hydraulic elevators
  • Chain elevators

obrázok riadiacej elektroniky

Advantage of control unit with frequency converter :

  • Lower energy consumption up to 35 %
  • Less noise
  • Higher travelling comfort
  • Higher elevator reliability
  • Extension of elevator endurance
  • Accurate stopping in stations +-3mm
  • Memory of elevator failures
  • Controlling time between stations
  • Protecting electric engine from fire
  • Most often used electronic units in Slovakia
  • In compliance of magnetic compatibility STN EN12015

Button board in cabin and call buttons on each floor:

We offer call and cabin buttons in different seizes, shapes and materials. They can be classic from shiny or mat stainless steel or even from tempered glass , which is improving luxury appearance .

All our components are very durable and shockproof !

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Monitoring of elevators 

Monitoring of elevators is a new technology of watching operations of elevator online thanks to senzor, monitors, circuits, hardware and software, which all together can provide you collecting and analysis of data. Driving of elevator is monitored non-stop online through internet. Service and technik workers have information about status of elevator at all times . Main advantage of this technology is fast identification of failures , less or shorter layoffs of elevators during service and lower servicing costs .

In case if customer is interested, we can provide access to application where you can see some statuses of elevator.

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