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TREVA s.r.o. | Best elevators in Slovakia

Our company performs in Slovakia since 1990.
Since our establishment we belong between biggest elevator companies in Slovak Republic. Quality of services, which we are able to provide, are proved by many years of experience and numerous satisfied customers. We are constantly trying to expand, develop and to bring you safety, comfort and comfort during using of elevators. We are using only best quality components.

Our advantage is flexibility ability to adapt to your requirements. Since our establishment we installed hundreds of new elevators. Thanks to our professional service, which we accomplish on more than 700 elevators at the moment, you can always count on us. Our main future goal is to perform in whole European Union.


Why should you choose TREVA s.r.o.
  • High reliability
  • Quality of realization
  • Safety of system
  • High level of warranty and after warranty service
  • Luxurious appearance of cabins
  • Great access to components
  • Operating electronics made in Slovakia

Treva s.r.o

Best elevators in Slovakia
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